Children's Wellbeing


Your child's happiness, health and wellbeing is the most important thing to us at Little Caterpillars and this is reflected in our ethos.


We will work in partnership with you to make sure that your child is happy and healthy and feels safe and secure.  We do all we can to ensure that children are safe and happy while they are with us but we will share with you what we know about child development so that you can help your child at home aswell.


We do believe that a child's first teacher is their parent or carer and if there is anything that we can do to help you with that very important role then we are happy to do so.


A child's wellbeing can be affected by the physical environment, the emotional environment, circumstances at home or elsewhere or the many transitions that children go through.  We are continuously monitoring each child's health and happiness, reflecting on what we do and looking for ways in which we can improve the wellbeing of all the children.





We believe that a key person approach gives children the best possible emotional stability from which they can learn, develop and, when appropriate, move on to the next stage in their learning journey such as nursery or school.  Click on the icon above for more information about why and how we have adopted the approach at Little Caterpillars.

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Little Caterpillars Early Years and Childcare

Emma Harris BA (Hons), Early Years Teacher and Trevor Harris Level 3 Qualified Forest School Practitioner
Ofsted Registered Childminding Provision and Childcare on Domestic Premises, Skellow, Doncaster
07865 979407 or 07918 101286