Click on the buttons to the left to see some typical stages of development for your child's age.  The link will take you to the a website powered by the ICAN charity.  If have found this website particularly helpful and am delighted to share it with you.


Always remember children develop at different rates and not always as expected for their age.  The information provided here is meant as a guideline only so please also talk to us for our professional opinion and support.



If you have any concerns at all about your child's development in this area or any area then please do speak to your child's key person or to Emma.  

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Little Caterpillars Early Years and Childcare

Emma Harris BA (Hons), Early Years Teacher and Trevor Harris Level 3 Qualified Forest School Practitioner
Ofsted Registered Childminding Provision and Childcare on Domestic Premises, Skellow, Doncaster
07865 979407 or 07918 101286