The Little Caterpillars Ethos


Our ethos is a set of values that everyone who works with the Little Caterpillars must guided by.


The most important of these is....


1. Safety, health and happiness


We will contribute to each and every child's wellbeing.  This will include providing a safe learning environment and safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  Our care practices will ensure that children are physically and emotionally healthy.  We will work together with parents and other professionals, where appropriate, to ensure that together we are doing everything that we possibly can to keep children safe and healthy both in the setting, at home and elsewhere.  This has to be our foremost guiding value as a child is not safe or emotionally healthy will not thrive.  We aim to provide a stimulating environment where children feel happy and can develop a love for learning.  Where a child is not happy for any reason we will aim to find out reasons for this and work together with parents to find solutions.


2. Meeting the needs of each and every child


It is important to us that each and every child, regardless of their background, ability or disposition is given the opportunity to reach their potential.  One child's potential may be different to the next child and so we will tailor our care and their learning experience to their needs. Individual planning and an in depth knowledge of each child's stage of development will guide us as we provide a stimulating and challenging experience for them.  Where a child is not meeting their expected stage of development we will put in place strategies, which may include seeking intervention from other professionals, to ensure that they have support to reach their expected level of development


3. Professional practice


We will ensure that we understand and work within the legal and moral childcare frameworks that are in place. We will ensure that we continue to improve our knowledge and understanding of early years and childcare practice with a programme of training and professional development for everyone who works at Little Caterpillars. We will ensure that we maintain positive relationships with parents and work collaboratively with other professionals involved in their child's care.






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Little Caterpillars Early Years and Childcare

Emma Harris BA (Hons), Early Years Teacher and Trevor Harris Level 3 Qualified Forest School Practitioner
Ofsted Registered Childminding Provision and Childcare on Domestic Premises, Skellow, Doncaster
07865 979407 or 07918 101286